REIF e.V.:Reforestation initiates Future


The best time to plant

a tree was 20 years ago.

The next best time is now.

Aleksej Andreevic Arakceev (1769-1834)


Our vision

The landscapes around the Mediterranean are overburdened by thousands of years of cultural use. Climate change accelerates the risk of irreparable damage, in particular the degradation (qualitative deterioration) of soils, water resources and flora.

Reforestation is the best way to halt this process.

In cooperation with universities and associations, we are developing a reforestation kit for initiatives and projects. This will provide effective and sustainable start-up assistance for decentralised reforestation projects of 100 to 500 hectares. The resulting models are networked in a mosaic to form a new forest landscape

Retumana from the air, march 2018

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On our site "Retumbana nova" in Portugal in the Alentejo we have gained experience for 22 years.


Why? When? How? What does is cost? What´s the use of it?